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Yup..still up.

Went to Barnes and Nobel to see if I could find the July issue of SFX mag for Ben Browder's article. They still only have the May issue. *grumble* Also they didn't have the TvGuide with the Farscape Mini mention either. Almost bought the Scifi mag with the interview with Henson. Couldn't bring myself to do it just yet.

BUT, I did indulge and bought two new Dean Koontz books. The Face and By The Light Of The Moon. Already started the latter and really enjoying it. It's been way too long since I sat down (or laid down in this case) with a new Koontz book.

Almost bought the two new Robert McCammon books. It's actually one book split into two. They just gotta get that extra eight bucks outta ya. Don't they. Those two are next on my list. Then I'll end up catching up with the rest of Koontz that I've missed out on the past few years.

I really need to get to sleep sometime soon. I'm about to reach silly manic stage. *g* Not a pretty sight.

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