Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

*brainz hurt*

I received my posting dates for Dark Fest and I'm pretty relieved that I have time to work on the edits for the Cam/Sheppard story because some of the things I have fix make my brain hurt. LOL

One thing I was upset to see when I got the beta'd version back (no reflection on my beta) is the fact that there was some sort of screw up with Liquid Story Binder and Microsoft Word 2007's spellcheck. Pretty sure this is the first time that things went wonko between the two. At least, I've never noticed a problem in the past.

But I am proud of the fact that between the two stories I've written over 8,000. *does snoopy happy dance*

And with the kids (including S' boyfriend) down the road fishing I've had a chance to work on the edits without any distraction except for one phone call by S for more worms.

I will now leave you with a link to my new favorite song (don't let the title fool you): Seether - Country Song

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Tags: dark fest, music, seether, writing

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