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*tries to make hair stop sticking up all over*

Just noticed that I somehow gashed my arm in my sleep or soon after waking. I blame lack of noticing on the fact I waaaay overslept since I was in and out of the house last night taking two of the dogs to the bathroom. The Tribble with Teeth was acting so strange and clingy yesterday but he also wanted outside like crazy. Then there is Bruno, whom I have not mentioned before. He's a Brindle Pitbull that showed up in our yard a few weeks ago and we've got flyers out trying to find his owner because he's been cared for and trained to be a very polite dog. In fact, The Tribble actually scares him. We have to find his owner or a new home for him soon before Molly goes into heat because he's not fixed. I need to upload the picture I have of him because he's simply gorgeous and has the most expressive eyes I've ever seen on a dog aside from Yoda.

If we can't find his owner or a new home we're going to have to take him to Jonesboro to the no kill shelter (if they'll take him since he's a pit) because the dog pound here will just kill him outright. Seriously, they will. They had a lot of press lately about how they'll put animals down that they consider to be a hassle without waiting the mandatory period of time. S' boyfriend confirmed it since he's works there part-time.

WTF is with strays finding their way to us or people dropping them off in our yard? It happened constantly in Florida and now here.

Fluffy and Rudolf are getting so big! They'll be 12 weeks old on the 28th. They're getting better at coming when called, especially Fluffy. Sadly, I'm thinking that Rudolf is either stubborn or dumb as a box of rocks. And you'll see when I do a puppy picspam that she is so weird looking now. Her head is no longer round-ish but growing long. She's lighter and slightly smaller than Rudolf. When I pick them up at the same time, one in each arm, I can feel how Rudolf has much more solid mass to him. He still reminds me of Snoopy. *g*

Yoda and Minnie celebrated their 6th birthday earlier this month with beef jerky. I totally should have posted about that but it slipped my mind with things going on at the time.


I'm out of mousse (it was an old can from last year) and my hair keeps sticking up all over the place despite me wetting it. Mom is enjoying her little jokes about me putting my finger in a light socket, especially when I put on my hat when I have to go out.


Had a conversation with S' boyfriend yesterday as we were leaving Walmart after he said 'he hates fucking faggots' when I mentioned our cashier was moving like he was doing a ballet or the pee-pee dance.
Me: 'then you hate me' (which I know is bull since we get along just fine and he knows I'm gay).
N: No, it's the guys. I don't want them to touch me. (N is a pretty guy and he'd been in the juvenile correctional system for about a year so I think his way of thinking is because of something that happened in there and not just typical redneck homophobia.)
Me: Well, you may be pretty but gay dudes aren't going to just jump you and bend you over when you meet them. If they know you're straight, you're of no interest to them except as a passing glance.
N: If one touches me I'll beat the fuck out of them.
Me: Same thing that any woman (straight or lesbian) has to deal with. I've had to deal with that several times with guys but the only one I couldn't beat the hell out of was my uncle. You don't have anything to worry about from any of the gay men around here.

N got quiet for a while after that and I hope it was because he was actually thinking about what I said.


Mom is still having trouble breathing, especially lying down flat, and she was considering going back to the ER last night but waited until she saw her doc today. He gave her a new breathing machine and she has a hospital bed coming so that she can stop sleeping in the living room on her recliner.


The kids are out of school for spring break. I'm hoping they'll be spending most of it down at the local creek fishing.


Now going back to finishing my last story for Dark Fest. The Farscape story is finished and beta'd and I'm 3/4 done with the SGA/SG1 story. Hopefully I can get it done and email both of them to the mods tomorrow.

ETA: sorry for not cutting his earlier, I got called away to chase some wayward chihuahuas that the kids let out...again.

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