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momma is home

And complainin' up like a storm about being tired of being sick. She was surprised when I made some chicken nuggets and tater tots in the oven and liked the way they came out. She loves everything fried but also knows that I don't fry anything. (after one grease fire when I was 14 and then a bad burn from bacon grease a few years ago, I'm totally phobic about cooking with lots of oil or grease. thankfully, she doesn't mock me about it)

Along with the pneumonia she was also diagnosed with COPD. So she's on the road to quitting smoking (GODDESS HELP US ALL!) and no one is allowed to smoke in the house anymore. I hope she's able to quit this time but I honestly don't hold out any hope of it given the money and various treatments she's tried over the years to stop and she always started back. She's going to have to do it cold turkey this time because the nicotine patches she was prescribed was too much money and her insurance/medicaid won't cover it (same thing happened the other day with the blood pressure machine she was finally prescribed. she ended up buying one from Walmart for $50 since the one from the medical supply place wanted almost $80.)

They were supposed to give her an oxygen tank but at some point over her last day in the hospital they changed her mind.

I woke up this morning to get the boys up for school and mom was already up and told me to go back to sleep she'd take them to school since she needed to move. Big mistake I found out when I woke up again. Her equilibrium is off and she had a hell of a time driving this morning. So no more driving for her until that is resolved.

At least she's home and even though she's still wheezing (and damn I didn't think her snores could get louder but she did) she's recovering at least.

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