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Update on Mom

She ended up staying a second night in the hospital because the doctor wanted to get more antibiotics in her (I think it was different than the 'z-pack' because it is 50% ineffective in this area) as well as steroids to try and clear her left lung of fluid. Mom was going nuts yesterday and had me come up so she could have some sweet tea, her PJs, HH's spongebob snuggie, and a cigarette (yes, we gave her the speech about smoking and pneumonia don't go together). I can't remember if I ended up making three or four trips to the hospital because she kept adding things for us to bring to her (the last trip consisted of more word puzzle books and fixodent) but I do know that I didn't get squat done around the house like I'd wanted.

Surprisingly I've gotten along well with S and K (he didn't even try to fight me on taking his meds this time), D has stayed the weekend with a friend thank goodness, while mom has been in the hospital. I think it helped that mom told them flat out that only S' boyfriend could be here and that was because he's been helping with repairs around the house. I made them all a terrible lovely dinner that they were terrified of couldn't get enough of because I totally fubar'd it I'm just that damn good.


Then we proceeded watch some movies that S and her boyfriend had rented and forget about the time change until S remembered: 'oh hell, Nanna said not to stay up too late because the time changes.' Whoops. Cuz it was suddenly 3am.

I ovenslept because I was an idiot and turned off my alarm in my sleep. I'd just gotten the dogs outside and was waiting on the coffee to finish when mom called to let me know that they'd done a chest x-ray and she was waiting on the doctor to look at it and talk to her. She wasn't feeling too perky since she'd been up since 1:00am with a migraine and had a nosebleed and was still waiting on something for the migraine. She said that my brother had called and Junior informed her that she was going to come up to the hospital and take care of her Nanna until she was better (talented baby if she can drive up her from Florida to do that. ;))

And as of 1:33pm, Mom had just seen the doctor and they're keeping her a third night because the x-ray showed that the pneumonia is now in both lungs. They're going to put her on double antibiotics and oxygen (finally! I don't know why this wasn't done in the first place) and they gave her some vicodin for the migraine.

I hope like hell this stuff clears up in her fast because it freaks me and the kids out that she's in the hospital with pneumonia. It brings back too many memories about when my sister went in with it and passed away when her heart stopped after complications due to her diabetes. I know mom isn't diabetic but she has had heart problems, so I think that we're justified in our freak out.

Mom gave me instructions on giving the kids their meds (different times because tomorrow is a school day) and the times I need to get them to school and she had me repeat them back to K so that he knows that he can't try and pull one over on me. The kids really hate when me and mom do that. *g*

Hopefully things go as smoothly tonight and in the morning as it has the rest of the weekend (given the situation).

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