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If anyone hears from [profile] ameshinju or gets word that she's okay and safe, please let me know. She was the first person I thought of when I heard about the quake this morning.

Actually, I think there is more than one person on my reading/flist that lives in Japan (isn't [personal profile] busaikko from there as well?) and I hope they and their families are safe.

I know that net service in the area is almost non-existent at the moment due to the devastation but I'm still hoping some word will get out.

And to anyone who's in the path of the tsunami that heading for the west coast of the states.... get your shiny butts to high ground!

now I need to finish getting ready for work, I'm behind on schedule due to the news and having to wrestle dogs with potty breaks and feeding.

eta: Just saw that [profile] ameshinju posted on her LJ and is safe. Thank goodness!

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