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contemplating chores and hairstyles

This week went by pretty dang fast which surprised me. It's taking a bit to get used to activity beyond house cleaning but my arms aren't as sore from dead lifting the client. I know it's going to take my body a bit to get used to it. Thank fuck for Advil during the day and hot showers as soon as I get home.

The best thing(s) about this week though: my first paycheck in almost a year, buying my own smokes, giving mom some money (which I did as soon as I walked in the front door) and Chinese fried dumplings. Okay, that last one is tentative to the Chinese restaurant actually serving them because the one time we went (the day I arrived in town) the restaurant didn't have them. I know you're as shocked at that as I was at the time.

Mom is realizing just how much I did do around the house, especially in the kitchen, since she's having to fight the kids to pick up the slack again. Which seriously sucks for her since she has had just a terrible week all around. HH is currently sitting in a youth jail cell until court because she defended herself in a fight while on probation (for essentially cussing in public. the same cop tried to give D a citation for farting in public. *rolls eyes*) and the jail didn't bother to tell her that HH was out of her meds and then told the judge about her "bad attitude" and he refused to listen to mom about it. She goes to court again next week I believe and mom is hoping to actually get a lawyer that will make an effort to defend HH.

She's currently zonked out on pain pills because she's hurting so badly that she can hardly walk and was saying that if it doesn't ease up she'll want me to take her to the ER later on but she's hoping it'll ease up so she can wait until she can get to her doctor tomorrow.

Tuesday as soon as I get off work I'm heading to the hairstylist to get my hair cut because it's gotten to just past my shoulders and is always in my way at work. Ponytails give me too many headaches so I try and only put it up when I have to help transfer the client or if I'm cooking his food and/or feeding him. Debating on whether to just go with trimmed and layered or getting it all whacked off. I've been trying to find a website that has photos of overweight women with short hairstyles because I'm not delusional enough to not know that there are some styles that just don't work unless you're thin.

*tries to remember if there was anything else to put in this post*

I guess that's it for now. I have to go pick up S at her boyfriend's and then go fold some laundry. Then I get to get on with my fannish side o life. yay!

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