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I have so many warm fuzzies it's like a cashmere blanket.

I went and checked out the claiming post for artwork on [community profile] sgareversebang (sorry, the post is only viewable to members) and one of the writers I'd really wanted to do my art piece got it. *squee!*

*runs around the room flailing like a four year old after two hours of Barney, three candy bars, and a gallon of soda*


Sorry, it's seeing that and the fact that several writers were interested in it really stoked me and has put me in the best mood since forever. I can't wait until everything is posted in May just so you all can see why I'm so proud of the artwork and happy over who chose it.

eta: I'm allowed to talk about being happy at this, aren't I, even if that post is locked? After re-reading this I feel sort of like an asshole posting about it.

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Tags: fandom, graphic art, reverse big bang

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