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Start my new job tomorrow, which is simply training for the day. I go out on my own with a client on Tuesday. I've been studying my ass off since I received the handbooks. I realized very quickly that I so need to take a refresher CPR course in the near future but the information I have with me has been a great reminder so far.

Please don't think I'm complaining when I say this because I'm just too damn grateful at the moment to do so... But I find the fact that I had to request training with another PCA before going out on my own with a client more than a little disconcerting. The agency is aware that while I have helped people who might need this type of care before, it was never at a professional level so I'm unaware of the proper procedure when coming into someone's home for the first time. That and I still need to retrained on how to take someone's blood pressure because I seriously doubt they'll have the little machines that do it for you.

Okay, I do have one minor quibble/complaint actually, but it mainly makes me giggle: Whoever wrote these information handbooks really needs to have a beta. LOL

I keep getting strange looks from the kids and their friends at the way I'm studying this stuff because I dug out one of my unused notebooks and started writing out the information by hand after typing it all into a doc on my computer. I like to write out information over and over again (at least five times) and then I'll take the initial notes and re-read them constantly. I've been told in the past that what I do is actually 'counter productive' when it comes to studying. Um... not with my brain its not. Especially with information that is mind-numbingly boring. The medical info I'm cool with though since I'm familiar enough with it that it's mainly working as a reminder.

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