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SGA/SG1 Fic: Tarnished Material Girl

So in the process of beta'ing for [personal profile] broms_lullaby we started discussing some of the alternate backstory for Vala in the AU Domum Longinquo. Well, fic ended up happening and somehow I ended up writing a portion of it and Brom insisted I get co-credit. So I guess this is actually my first time writing Vala fic. When trying to come with a title I remembered that Vala always reminded me of the Madonna song 'Material Girl' and ta-da! This particular part of the story is Gen, but there are hints of the main AU which is John/Cam.

Title: Tarnished Material Girl
Author: [info]broms_lullaby & [info]kazbaby
Pairings: Unrequited Vala Mal Doran/Daniel Jackson, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell (minor), Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson (if you squint)
Rating: R
Word Count: 4197
Warnings: Violence, mentions of torture, change of tense, Oma-babble.

Series: Excubiae Perpetua
Summary: After being rescued from torture at the hands of the Lucian Alliance, the life of a space pirate changes forever.

Tarnished Material Girl

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Tags: cam/sheppard, crossover, daniel jackson, fic, jack o'neill, john sheppard, vala mal doran

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