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And then there were two.

As you know we once had a whole herd, gaggle, bunch - too dang many - of pups.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

We now only have two pups and they both belong to HH. Mom didn't want to keep any of them but after HH had to give up Goldie, helping deliver all the pups, being a diligent dog auntie, and losing the one pup she initially wanted... Mom relented and said she could keep two.

Fluffy & Rudolf

Fluffy & Rudolf Fluffy & Rudolf

We're cracking up about Fluffy though because it seems she just may be the daughter of the Tribble with Teeth, Taz. She has wavey, fluffy (hence her name), hair with red tips. Just like Taz. (all the other pups have short hair like their momma.) So HH is the proud owner of a Pomeranian-American Bulldog.

Fluffy Fluffy

Don't laugh.

Okay, don't laugh more than we are. And we are frelling rolling!

The timing was kind of throwing us off because we figured she was already pregnant given when she began showing, but we also knew that Taz and Gizmo kept trying to "Go to Funky Town" with Molly as though she was in heat when we brought Molly home but we hadn't thought either had succeeded. Well, Taz must have made touchdown while the lights were out because I'm sure I would have noticed the Tribble hanging from Molly's backside. *cackle*

Fluffy being conceived a week or so after the others also explains why Molly was showing signs of labor for so long (at least to us). If our little theory is wrong, I refuse to tell the rest of the family because it's too funny to think of the senior citizen of our dogs having a kid with the youngest. Who's the Daddy? Taz is the Daddy, dammit!

Who's the Daddy? I'm the Daddy!

The other pup has been gifted with the name Rudolf since he has a white nose. When he's upset he warbles like Chewbacca yodeling. It is too dang cute for words. He also has a head that reminds me of Snoopy.

Rudolf Rudolf tackling Fluffy

Boy, was it hard to get these two to sit still long enough to get these last pictures. But the furkids are smart thankfully so hopefully they'll "pose" easier next time.

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