Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

so far, so good

The snow has stayed north of us (for now) and my job interview went well. If they call me back before the weekend I'll have a weekend Home Care (sitting with elderly clients) job that'll lead into full-time. Mom doesn't like some of the locations where I'll have to possibly go for it since they're like 20 miles away and with the pick-up truck down again (someone slashed the tires again) she'll have to take me to work.

I also got several funny pictures of the puppies running after Molly as she tried to hide herself (mainly her nipples) from them. It didn't work, at one point they had her pinned between her sleep cushion and the DVD cabinet while she was on her back. *cackle* These little buggers are hilarious to see running down the hallway if they get out of S' bedroom. It's like a Wall O'Pups. There is no stopping them and then when we try and herd them back in it's like we're re-enacting 101 Dalmatians. LOL

Last night, D went to give them water and he came running back out because they "attacked" him and bit his toes and ankles.

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Tags: job hunting, pups, stop...its banjo time

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