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what is that bright thing in the sky? make it go away!

After spending most of yesterday either unconscious or in the bathroom (with occasion breaks for reading a little when I could stay awake for more than 10 minutes) I no longer ever want to see my toilet again.

I'm feeling better this morning with my stomach only slightly twinging. I'm taking a chance with a cup of coffee right now because dammit I couldn't even finish a cup yesterday! and I need my freaking coffee.

So it looks like it was more of a stomach bug than the aftereffect of taking a pain pill. I'm guessing that I'll know more if I can finish this cup of coffee.

Mom and the kids were actually considerate and let me die in peace and kept the tv and their yelling down to a bare minimum (though I don't think I would have woken up at some points unless some picked me up)

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