Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

The Runaways

I'd been looking forward to seeing this movie and while I expected more out of their story (I'd always known that the girls in the band had went through some crap to prove themselves and I think this only touched the surface), the movie was really damn good.

And Kristen Stewart was really fucking hot in it. Well, as long as she looks like Joan Jett - but that's because I've had the major hots for Joan Jett for years. I was actually really impressed with Stewart's acting in the movie (I'd only seen her previously in the movie The Messengers) and I was surprised, and impressed, as hell that she did her own singing in it. I should have had faith that Jett coaching Stewart on how to be her would pay off in spades.

If they ever did another movie about the rest of Joan Jett's music career, I wouldn't mind it one bit if Stewart continued to portray her.

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