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M is going to be having surgery tomorrow, actually two to be specific. The first is to remove her gallbladder (finally!) and the second is to remove a gallstone that has attached itself to the wall of her pancreas. (Eep!) It's a weight off our minds that this is getting done at last but we also found out some disturbing info: M has always had a dark ring around her neck which her doctor said is a sign that she's high risk to developing Type 2 diabetes.

While the fact that she could suddenly have diabetes isn't a surprise (because of the problems with her pancreas and the fact it runs pretty strongly in our family), its the fact that something we thought of as 'insignificant' was a sign of it (Mom had thought she knew all the warning signs to look for after my sister had developed it) and it's been there almost all of M's entire life. I remember scolding her as a little girl for not cleaning her neck enough. *headdesk* I owe babygirl an apology big time.

I'm also wondering if these problems with her gallbladder and pancreas are what caused M to have so many stomach aches when she was stressed growing up. I'd always worried that the poor girl had a freaking ulcer because of her mom's general nutjobness (yes, that isn't a real word but it fits the ex-SiL too well to not use it) and her parent's breakup.

Mom and I think M's a bit nuts herself because she's only taking 2 days off from both work and school for recovery from the surgery. Yeah, laparoscopy does have a quicker recovery time but still - it's a double surgery and she shouldn't push herself that hard that soon. But the girl is trying to save up for her own car since her mom loves to charge her (and HD) for gas but refuses to let her drive since that one accident (that wasn't even M's fault) and lords it over her. *glares at ex-SiL*

I'm at least hoping that the ex-SiL is going to stay at the hospital with M while she's in surgery because when they'd had to take her to the ER a couple times, the ex-SiL didn't even bother to show up which was kinda a bitch since M was under 18 at the time.

And one last note about M and I think I'll be done. She's actually found a decent guy to date after she dumped the boyfriend she'd had for a couple years. Her ex had the nerve to try and hit her (after he'd picked a argument with HD) and laid his ass out on the ground with a busted lip and two black eyes.

*iz so proud*

I had always hoped that she would learn from her parents mistakes by not letting a guy hit her and to fight back, and it looks like she had. It took me a while (little over a year) to figure it out when I was in an abusive relationship at the same age. Let's just hope that she sticks with the nice guy who has the decent job and his own place and stays away from the ex who is bugging her to pay his phone bill since its her old phone that she'd given him.

Anyway, I think that's it except to also say that she's doing well in nursing school and I wish that this surgery was being done during winter break instead of at the beginning of the new semester but considering all the stuff that caused this to be put off until this point... I guess you take what you can and run with it. I just want her to be pain free. I don't like my babies hurting.

I honestly didn't mean to babble on like this about M but it's been a while since I talked about her and sometimes I just need to get this out because I really can't around here (the spawn really get ticked off when I mention I'm proud of M or HD, even if I'm not the one who brings them up, so I don't talk about them around the house.)

So that's my M update for a little while. I'll post when I get news of how things have gone with the surgery.

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