Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Double Trouble birthday

Today is D's and Junior's birthdays. He's 13 and now officially (and this is frightening to think) a teenager.

So hard to believe that 13 years ago Mom and I were freaking out at the ER entrance waiting for the ambulance to bring my sister to the hospital. She was only 7 months along and they'd had to stop her contractions only a couple days before. Not only that she'd just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes the week before (her husband had a habit of not taking Tina to her doctor appointments so it had been months since her previous appt and it went undiagnosed.) But we kept worrying about what was taking the ambulance so long and when it finally pulled up, instead of just my sister being carted out on the stretcher - she was holding a baby. D was born on the side of the road and the EMT was beaming because it was the first baby she had ever delivered.

Then 9 years after that, Catina (Junior) is born on the same day as D. He always thought that was the coolest birthday gift ever. Babygirl *points up at icon* is now 4 years old and so freaking BIG in the pictures of her and her sisters. My brother is still freaked out occasionally at how Junior does things exactly like our sister. (If you've never heard the story about how they decided on naming Junior after my sister in the first place, I'd posted the story the day she was born.)

Oh! Almost forgot to mention this. We had a whacked out beginning to the day because at 4am Molly started barking and set off the rest of the dogs, suddenly S screamed that there was someone trying to open her bedroom window. She didn't see the person because she was too freaked out and ran out of the room but I doubt whoever it was stuck around when a huge dog was in the window barking her full head off. Called the cops but nothing they could really do at that point. Hopefully the asshole will stay away now that he knows there's a huge dog protecting the house (and specifically that room.)

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