Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

PSA: Sign ups for sgareversbigbang

Just wanted to give a heads up about sgareversebang. They put up the sign up posts for both artists and writers last night if anyone is interested.

If you don't know yet what a 'reverse big bang' is, you're not alone. Until I discovered the comm a couple days ago I didn't know it existed. A "Reverse Big Bang" is where the art comes first and then a writer creates a story based on the image (or video) that is contributed.

Pretty neat, huh? I know I thought so!

While I don't have faith in my ability to write and/or actually complete a story by a deadline, I do think I can create a piece of artwork that'll hopefully inspire someone to create a story based upon it and signed up for that side at least.

You can find more information here at the intro post.

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Tags: ficathon, graphic art, reverse big bang, sga

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