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Fannishness in 2010

Since I became involved in fandom I have never written so little. I'd actually had a goal to post 20 stories during the year and failed spectacularly. Though I was able to do some writing, including starting my first SGA story, I posted two. I really hope that I've gotten over my little road block and able to write more because I've missed it.

- Slowly the Undertow Creeps - SGA, gen, PG (and this isn't even the SGA story I'd begun earlier in the year)
- Raining Here, With You - SG1, Cam/Daniel, NC-17

There are no videos to post in this year's round up and that makes me very sad. I will be so glad when my computers are working right so I can get back to what I truly love to do.

Once I was able to get my photoshop to work again on my laptop I was able to play a bit and created a few pieces.

Sheppard/Chair OTP (recolored)
Sheppard (recolored)
Vegas!Sheppard (recolored)
Joe Flanigan (manip)

Ben Promo Picture (recolored)
Gratuitous Ben (manip, wallpaper)
Dream Fulfilled (recolored)

Old Book Crichton (recolored)

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