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And We Have Achieved Birth!

And the first puppy has arrived! Molly decided to forgo the other two places she chose to give birth and is currently between the couch and loveseat and working on pushing out puppy #2. He or She came out very easily and has a black coat, and actually smaller than I expected and I'm wondering if she's not going to have more than the 8 that I'd guessed (I'd read that she could have up to 14.)

Be expecting piccies once all the kids have decided to out and play. :D

eta: puppy #3 is coming and so far they're all black.

eta 2: It's 3:02pm and she's on pup #5. So far everyone is doing good.

eta 3: 3:53 - #7 just made her presence known. #6 so far looks to be the runt and was born in the bag but Momma took care of that quickly. We've got 4 boys and 3 girls so far

eta 4: it's 7:00pm and we think Molly has had the last one. She's still panting hard but she's finally started drinking water again. After #8 we figured she was going to have one more but nothing happened then Molly walked around a little bit before laying back down. S found #9 in the hallway in front of her bedroom door still in the birth bag (there were actually two bags around the pup). Mom told me to cut the bag off of the pup, move Molly away from the other pups, and see if Molly would 'take care of it' herself, she did - she ate it. S got sick, not knowing that dogs did that with their young. Given the fact that Molly hadn't moved since she started pushing I'm pretty sure that this one was stillborn and she knew it and wanted to have it away from the others. So we've got 5 boys and 3 girls, all of the black with a few white markings on either their face or chest.

eta 5: 7:44pm - I spoke too soon. She just had (technically) #10. It was also born in the bag and we had to help rip it but Molly took care of the rest herself. It looked kind of dicey at first on whether she'd clear the airway quickly enough but she did good.

HH has rocked the house during all of this because she's pretty much stayed at Molly's side during most of the birthing. And it's not even her dog! Mom said that she can have choice of the litter since we have to find a new home for Goldie.

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