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*gets ready to hand out the cigar shaped doggy treats*

Molly finally went into labor last night but the poor dog is so restless its driving everyone nuts. She keeps pacing and panting and digging at the bedding, and doesn't seem comfortable even in the area she chose to birth the pups. She actually has two areas she's favoring: one in Mom's bedroom, the other is the loveseat in the living room (we've sectioned that off so no one goes near it and have it covered in a bunch of old towels and blankets to keep it clean and to keep the pups from going down into the cracks if she ends up having them there.) I know we should get her to stay in the bedroom but this bitch is over 100 lbs and there's no way to really control her movements. It's like trying to force a mule to go where you want.

We're keeping an eye on her in case we need to take a trip to the vet. When I'd first told mom about problems that American Bulldogs can have with birth (needing a possible c-section because of the pups heads) she said that the daddy was probably a pitbull since that's all that the people had where she'd gotten Molly. So hopefully the pups will be manageable without needing a c-section.

I told S that she should prepare herself in case she needs to reach up inside of Molly to help a pup out and she turned a lovely shade of green, stating 'screw that, I'm not putting my hand up there!' Mom and I laughed and Mom told her: like I told Shannon (that's me for those not in the know) when her dog went into labor when she was a kid, it's your dog, it's your responsibility...I've helped birth my own pets when I was a kid and I'm not doing it again. That's when S' eyes proceeded to practically pop out of her head. Don't worry, if things go south and S panics too much due to her 'delicate sensibilities' Mom and I will help Molly and her pups out.

We'll all just be so glad when these pups are born because poor Molly hasn't been able to lay down comfortably for a couple weeks and teets look more like utters swaying in the wind. Plus, we're tired of Molly peeing everywhere. Doesn't matter if we'd just walked her (which has been done every hour), she comes in and pees (usually on one of the kid's beds) and Mom and I are tired of having to wash bedsheets and scrubbing beds every day. LOL Molly's pregnancy has surprised me and Mom because its seemed different than all of the other dogs we had to deal with when they were preggers and given birth, but then they were little dogs. Mom said that with the Doberman and the German Shepherd we'd owned when I as a kid were different because the dogs went off by themselves in the back of the house and had their pups without any indication that they were even in labor.

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