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Merry Christmas

Mom is a little stinker. She'd told me the other day that I wasn't getting anything for Christmas but she surprised me this morning by bringing out of her bedroom a very long box. It was a 3-Piece Katana sword set. Purely decorative for hanging on the wall (not like I'm going to be using any of my swords for actual fighting. LOL) but they complement my other swords (one is a Samurai sword, the other is a decorative Medieval sword). Not only am I surprised that I actually got anything but doubly so because it's something I actually like. In the past, Mom has given me gifts that are more suited for someone more "normal". I'm not into 'girly' things and our styles of clothing are totally different and when she buys me a shirt it usually is something that she'd wear. I still wish she bought me a fan though because I'm about to die from the heat of the house between the house heater and the stove oven. *g*

The kids got the usual assortment of colognes, clothes and a few annoying toys (for the boys). I feel guilty because I still have to put the finishing touches on Mom's gift. It's totally my fault because after I'd unpacked my yarn projects I'd work on it but then I'd put it to the side to do something around the house or have to go somewhere and it'd slip my mind. At least I just have to finish the edge and that's it. I'll try and get a picture of her wearing it later on and post it.


Merry Christmas to all of my friends, and to those that don't celebrate this particular holiday I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, and for everyone to enjoy the day with family and/or friends.

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