Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

And then you go here, just left of the freckle

I hate when the phone ringing interrupts a perfectly good dream. Don't you? Especially when it's Crichton explaining wormhole physics.

Okay, he wasn't explaining the physics exactly, it was more about how you can travel the different routes within one to get to your (or rather his) chosen destination. But the funny part of the explanation was the fact he was telling this to Rygel and he was demonstrating by tracing the vein lines on a desiccated hand.

Um...yeah. That was weird but it wasn't gross in the dream (and just try to figure out the symbolism of that) and Rygel actually looked interested. I'm thinking that he just wanted John to give up the hand because it was his lunch.

Other than that creepy factor, it was pretty neat.

Don't give me that look. Ya'll knew I had a weird brain coming into this journal. I'm just glad it wasn't another dream about tornadoes, those get boring after a while.

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Tags: dream

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