Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Fic Idea for the Taking...again.

Just watched Vegas again and I got a cool idea for a fic.

Given that there is a battle with Wraith darts over Earth during Enemy at the Gate as there was 3 months prior to the events in Vegas, it'd be neat to see a story where things post-Enemy at the Gate mirror what happens in Vegas, somehow incorporating aspects of Detective Sheppard's life into what happens here.

To do this Sheppard would be given leave (anywhere from a month to three. he'd probably fight the length of the time off but some shrink says he's on the verge of burn out and needs it) while things are repaired in Atlantis and the SGC/IOA decide things about the city's fate. No one knows yet that there is a surviving Wraith on Earth.

He decides to do a little road trip and ends up in Las Vegas either right when (or just before) the first body turns up. But he's probably having fun playing in the casinos, enjoying a little bit of anonymity after too many debriefings and five year long adrenaline rush.

It'd be interesting to play with the idea that he's been to Vegas before, gotten into some high stakes private games and perhaps had made a little name for himself (as it seemed Detective Sheppard had done) and this time he bounces between winning and losing big time at those private games.

But the private games come in handy when the second body shows up and Sheppard finds out from someone talking about it at the table. He starts trying to discretely check it out because he figures that after the dog fight with the darts they don't need to shine too much in the government's direction. But he does let the SGC know what's turned up there and they either dismiss it or agree for Sheppard to investigate quietly but he is not to contact the detective investigating.

While doing this, Sheppard becomes the suspect in the murders and after he finds out that he's the prime suspect Sheppard gets McKay partially involved by asking his help in trying to hack files to get information. Maybe Sheppard ends up going back to Atlantis for a quick trip to talk to Todd to get some information on what to expect from the Wraith that's hiding on Earth and then heads back to Vegas.

It'd be fun to see what happens if he ends up facing down the Wraith at the poker table again with the knowledge of what he really is. He'd probably do his best to antagonize the Wraith (as he likes to do. hey, alien-baiting is just not a spectator sport) and get him to follow Sheppard out of there or to leave so he can follow the Wraith to wherever its hiding.

But eventually he ends up finding it out in the desert just like Detective Sheppard did and faces it down because there's no one else close and bad shit is about to happen. And they - he - refuses let another Wraith ship make its way to Earth. It's up in the air whether he stops the Wraith before the device is activated or not but there is still a shoot out and Sheppard is on the phone with McKay while he's laying on the ground bleeding.

That's it. Not much different than the Vegas episode but you can see where things can be played with but somehow keep them in line with what happened to the other Sheppard. Oh, and bonus points if Sheppard is driving the same type of car as Detective Sheppard. Maybe he had it in storage and picked it up for his long vacation because he hates using rentals and for once he wants to drive his baby.

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