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Not so used to it anymore

S' boyfriend's (different boyfriend than I've bitched about in the past) mother is the only other lesbian that I know in this town that is my age. She knew that I was gay and that my mom is straight but guess who she hits on. That's right... my mother.


Not that my mom is ugly or anything, in fact mom is gorgeous. But the fact remains that my track is holding out that if there is someone else in the room with me they will be hit on before I will.

I already knew that in this bofunk town my options were even less than when living in a large town or city but damn.

It's also a sad fact of my life that I have only been on about five actual romantic dates. Seven if you count the two that someone made me go on to make a friend happy (the date was with the friend's friend), but I don't like to count those because they just made me feel skeevy.

I know that I'm not the easiest person to know, people have always thought I was weird or too freaky so even having friends have been few and far between. And then I try too hard or just do something to screw things up or I end up having to move and somehow we stop talking as much. I need to keep in mind the lessons I learned as a kid because its better to do without than dealing with the heartbreak. Losing friends are actually worse than losing a romantic interest (well, unless that person you liked was a friend at first).

Um...I have no idea what the point of this is (other than being hormonal or some other bullcrap) so you can ignore it.

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