Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Need some resource help

It's a long story on why this is happening but my niece HH is going to be put into the Homebound program instead of regular school (if this crooked ass school/court system doesn't send her away). We're not sure if someone comes out here to the house or if mom and I will have work with her.

Has anyone on my flist had to deal with either their children being Homebound or know the set up of the program?

(by the way, when I say this school and court system is crooked I'm talking crap you'd only think you'd see on a damn made-for-tv movie. they've got a sweet racket going on here with 90% of the kids being in the court system and the parents having to pay out the ear for even minor infractions. they were talking about putting HH on court probation without even charged with a crime. I didn't think that was even possible.)

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Tags: family, hh, stop...its banjo time
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