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oh, the plot bunnies are afoot..

Author's Note: Thanks to spoonishly and her lovely evilness I was compelled to write this little piece. No betas were harmed in it's creation, so all mistakes are mine.
Setting: Prayer
Characters: John and Scorpius
Sequel: Souls Parted, Souls Met
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

Who Loves You Babe?

Watching the Command Carrier loom larger in front of you, it feels as if your lungs are about to explode. You can’t help mumbling another curse that the fluid drives were frozen up. Fate had found just another avenue to screw you over. Visions of Aeryn fly across your vision as you realize that you have failed to save her. The only plan to find her thrown down the drain because of a fucked up mistake when you took that wrong turn in the wormhole.

You barely hear Scorpius say, “When we are confronted, let me speak for the both of us. Once we ascertain the situation…then we can determine a means of escape.”

“Doesn’t matter, the wormhole closed and I can’t hear it anymore. That means the next time it opens is too far away for me to tell. If they hold us prisoner, we could be too frelling far away for me to find it again once we escape,“ you respond, as the dread of being stuck in this reality becomes more and more apparent.

“Even if we did get off that boat in a Prowler, we can’t go through a wormhole in it. Both of us would be turned into jello.”

Scorpius is silent at the reminder as the module is pulled in to the hanger.

You wonder if Crais will be on this Carrier the same as in the other, unrealized reality you had visited. Echoes of Crais’ voice proclaiming, “Well done, comrade,” still ring in your ears. Fleeting glimpses of a life not really your own flit across your mind. You shake your head at these thoughts, but you start to worry. What if merging into a reality only occurs when that reality was not one of your origin. That would explain why nothing happened when you had went back to 1985, it ‘was’ your reality, only fucked up by your arrival.

“We can’t be taken prisoner, Scorpy. If we are, there’s a chance…we won’t ever make it back out of here.” You can’t help the worried sound in your voice.

“What does that mean, John?” Scorpius voice is low as he asks this question, and you know that he’s more than a little pissed at the implications.

“It means…that this becomes our reality…forever. We merge with our ’selves’ from this reality.”

Scorpius does not respond to your answer, but watches as you do the soldiers filling the hanger in front of you. Soon the sea of men and women part, and you almost laugh as you see Captain Braca stop just in front of the ladder to your craft.

Popping the canopy, your stomach continues to tighten in fear and nervousness over what is about to happen. Both feet landing quietly on the floor, you quickly turn, and move your coat away from Winona as you silently stand next to the ladder waiting for Scorpius. You can feel something tickling at the edges of your mind. Chalking it up to nerves, you watch as Braca approach you both once Scorpius stands next to you.

Braca is at his usual Peacekeeper best as he says, “This is a surprise, Scorpius. We were not expecting to find you here. Our reports show that your ship was attacked, and all aboard was lost.”

The ‘Captain’ looks at you, no recognition in his eyes as he continues, “I see both you and your companion survived the incursion. If you will both follow me…” Abruptly, Braca turns and walks away.

Looking at Scorpius, you say, “Companion? He doesn’t know who I am in this reality,” you state as you look at the figure walking away from the both of you. “This could be a good thing for once.”

Scorpius doesn’t answer you. Instead he set off after Braca, in what you hope in an attempt to gain some information and parts for the module. Walking behind the two Peacekeepers, you can’t help yourself as you admire Scorpius’ confidence in the situation. The way the half breed holds his shoulders straight, his eyes taking in everything all at once.

The tingling at the edge of your mind becomes even stronger, almost impossible to ignore as you try and imitate the man beside you. Thoughts of your original plans within the warped imitation of Moya suddenly are pushed aside as Captain Braca stops before a door.

Once he enters in a key code, the door slides open, he says, “I hope these quarters are satisfactory for one of your prestige, Sir. I will notify High Command at once of you and your concubine’s survival.”

His words are hit you like a steamroller, “Concubi…” you don’t finish the word as a wave of dizziness hits you, a rush of images flood your mind and you find yourself quickly ushered into the room. Opening your eyes, you’re surprised to see a med tech standing over you. Looking around the room, there is no one else in the room.

“Where’s Scorpius?” You ask, unable to hold back the fear that has wound its way into the center of your stomach.

“He should be back any microt. How are you feeling?” The tech said, checking a scanner in his hand.

“Good…” You turn your head as the door to the quarters open and Scorpius walks in the door. A feeling of relief fills you at the sight of him. Standing slowly, you shake off the wave another wave dizziness, holding onto the wall to stop the spinning room.

“What is wrong with him?” Scorpius’ concerned voice asks.

“Nothing that I can find, Sir. It may only have been a problem with the differences in pressure within the two ships,” came the response.

“Very well. Leave us.”

You hear as the tech quickly grabs his supplies, leaving the two of you alone, and then Scorpius’ step as he crosses the room to you. Opening your eyes, all you can see are the deep recesses of his blue eyes staring at you.

You can’t think for the life of you remember what you were doing in that little ship, how you both arrived at the Carrier. The dizziness finally fades and you stand up straight and face the half Scarran, “I didn’t think he would ever leave…” You can’t help yourself as you desperately want to be in his arms, to have him comforting you in this strange place.

“John…about what the Captain said…”

“Concubine. He called me your concubine. I hate that word,” even your own repetition of the word sends waves of disgust through you.

“I know...and it will not happen again. I promise.”

You believe him as Scorpius wraps his arms around you. “Just shut up and kiss me before someone else interrupts us,” you say and tremble slightly as his lips touch your own. His taste is still sweet on your tongue as you whisper, “How long until we can get a ship to go back to High Command?”

“I have already made arraignments, John.” Scorpius looks at you with such strong emotion and love in his eyes as he says, “We are going home.”

"That's great. So how are we going to occupy our time until we can leave?" Your tongue licks at the corner of Scorpius' mouth as your hands rub against his leather clad ass, and you want him right there in the center of the room.

You can hear Scorpius' arousal in his husky voice, "I do believe we can think of something." he says as he reaches over and turnes off the lights to the quarters.

The End
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