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Technobomb Mom Strikes Again

Okay, she didn't really do anything wrong this time but I just find it funny. And given how little I actually know about computers, that's bad. (most of what I do is a mixture of asking friends for advice and just winging it. the latter actually works out a lot more for me than you'd think)

Those that have followed my journal for a while may remember me bitching about her desktop PC (otherwise known in my mind as the Dell from Hell) over the past several years. She bought it new with 512 mb of RAM and a 42 gig harddrive. Well, sometime in the past year she or the kids have blown one of the RAM sticks so it now runs on only 256 mb. Which means it likes to freeze every time they get on Facebook (9 times out of 10 it'll freeze just opening up the browser, doesn't matter if its IE or Firefox).

Anyway, a couple nights ago she hands me a 200 gig harddrive she got for $20 and asks if I'll install it in the Dell for her. I just sorta look at her, blinking in shock for a few seconds, and say 'I can but I'll be worse to use'. She asks why and the best way I could think of to describe it to her was 'it'll be like trying to run a car with moped engine.' I'm 99% sure I described that right. lol

Then I tell her that she'll have to find all of her disks for the computer (which I know she has no idea where the fuck they are since she never puts them in easy reach. i have tried for years to teach her the value of DVD holders and hiding them from the kids) because I'll have to reinstall everything once I have the hard drive in place. Then there's the little fact that she has to buy more RAM for the computer in the first place. Something that she knew she had to do anyway if she wanted to be able to use the Dell the way its supposed to be.

She gives me a looks at me blankly and says 'but you can install the harddrive right?'

*headdesk* Yes, mom. I can install the harddrive.

Oh, and the original plans for me to fix her laptop? Totally nixed because it turns out that K completely hosed the kernel when he slammed the lid down on the laptop. God only knows when the DVD drive went out, she hardly ever used it and the kids weren't allowed to watch movies on her laptop. One of S' friends has got her brother talked into repairing that one once mom is able to buy the replacements.

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