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Silly Question for Fanfic Writers

I've been trying to think of a way to ask this without it sounding like I'm bitching or belittling anyone but its something that I've wondered about for a while just because it bugs me.

Why put the character(s) entire name in the story? (Example: While strolling through the forest Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell looked over at Dr. Daniel Jackson and smiled.) I mean, we know the characters whole name already, we watch the show and know the people. And yet its done by a great many writers and occasionally multiple times within the same story. Now if it's another character saying the name (like Teal'c or some random alien) I get why the whole name is used but just in the story set up? Not so much.

I can also get if it's just a personal choice in how to tell the story, but the way I've always approached it is that we're getting a glimpse of something that happens to the people we already know and so what we see should reflect that or the POV of the character telling the story to us.

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