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Just talked to HD and he told me that he's doing really well at work, school (though he's still embarrassed at how hard reading is for him, he's working hard at it) and ROTC. He's made Chief (whatever that is for Navy ROTC) and he's the Weapons Officer. Tomorrow he's going to participate in some sort of games for ROTC students. I think they're more like games you'd find at Track and Field events. In October he's going on a two week trip to San Diego and going to the Naval Yard there and then an amusement park. He's also still talking to the Air Force recruiter and they're working out his track in order for him to go into the Air Force Academy.

My baby is now 5'10 and officially the tallest person in the family. Which amuses me greatly because for years he was the tiniest of the kids. Oh, is being that height and only 115 lbs normal? I know he's always been nothing but muscle but that doesn't seem right. I shouldn't worry really, I know, since he's still growing and considering how fast he's shot up in height it'll just take a little bit for his mass to catch up to what it should be. At this rate he's going to be a huge man. He's proud that he can bench press more than his body weight. LOL

As soon has he gets me some photos of him in uniform I'll be posting them. I told him that I require them so I can properly brag about him. :D

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