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stupid people should be shot at birth

Just as I was going to bed last night I heard a loud bang noise and saw orange light reflecting on the living room window. Freaked me out because it looked like fire. It was. The neighbors have been moving out and throwing things they don't want to take into a 'trash pile'. Which they set ablaze at 11:30 at night. While we have a fire ban going on in the county.

The damn bonfire was bigger than their car, set close to their shed and the treeline and made me nervous. I woke mom up to let her know about it and she told me to call 911 since it's dangerous and the asshats next door weren't even standing outside to monitor the fire. By the time the cops got here to 'check things out' the fire was half the original size and they really didn't do shit to make them put the rest out. I guess they figured with the storm we had coming in during the night there was nothing to worry about.

I would roll my eyes at that but I woke up with a migraine that makes me feel as if I've been eyefucked by Godzilla and he forgot the lube. I'm going to blame the combo of smoke from that fire and the weather and I'm going to take some more Excedrin migraine and go stick my head under my pillows and hope that I die soon. Pisses me off because they're marathoning Invasion on Skiffy and I like that series.

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