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srly, someone *kill* me

My sinuses have been giving me hell for days and I'm starting to think that its from going next door and listening to the neighbor play his guitar (Uh, I mean going over there, not his playing *snerk*). He's been a friend of the spawn for a long time and he's one of the boys that helped with the packing/moving. Plus he's a huge SGA and Farscape fan so we've been geeking out on the shows for months.

Anyway, I've stopped in for the first time a few days ago when he asked if I wanted to hear him play (he's really damn good), and it was afterward when I went back to the old house to sleep that my sinuses decided to mutiny and destroy my sanity. They've gotten worse after each time I've gone over there so I'm suspecting his place has mold or something.

He's actually one of four people (and two evil dogs that try to bite me every time I go over) that live there and it's pretty...um...*tries to say this delicately*...fucking nasty. So I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't a few things over there that may be setting this off, but I haven't be this bad since I lived in Florida and the place I lived in had mold. I feel like I've had the hell beat out of me and this beyond being just tired from the move and cleaning the old place from top to bottom. (and my nose at this point would give Rudolf a run for his money) Thank fuck I found my Clariton D and Tylonol Sinus. Now I just need for them to kick in so I can get on with my day.

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