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No coffee. ACK!! The coffee pot decided to just give up the ghost suddenly this morning. It's still only a few months old. WTF?

Not a good thing.

At all!

Didn't get home until 2:30 am after taking 3 of the kids to see Van Helsing and Troy

Impressions from the movies: Van Helsing...eh I'm not saying it sucked, but it could have been done a lot better. It should have been darker, but that's just me. Cool CGI. Thought it was cool that...the sidekick got bootie and the Hero didn't. Go! little friar dude!

Troy: Very good movie. Not as good as Braveheart for me though. Brad Pitt..yow! Brozed god baby! And he's 40? Zowie. He had some good moments in it, one in particulars with Peter O'Toole is especially loved. Of which I heard my favorite line from "You are still my enemy, but even enemies respect one another."

Okay, off to to try and wake up more, somehow, I made tea...but it just isn't the same. *pout*

And woot! I got a 4 day weekend!

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