Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Of course it would rain today

We haven't had any rain for a couple weeks and the day we start carting loads to the new place...it's going to rain for most of the day. Off and on but not enough time in between showers to load things in the pick up and get them over without being soaked.

At least S is going to have her multitude of guy friends come over and help with the big stuff. These are some big boys she has wrapped around her little finger. *gives her a cookie*


So now that gives me a moment to bask in the a/c and post something I thought of last night while watching SGA's Vengeance.

I thought it'd be a cool AU for Michael to go after Sheppard in order to create his hybrids instead of Teyla. It makes much more sense (to me anyway) that if Carson had told Michael about the retrovirus, he would have also told about what it had done to Sheppard in Conversion. And if Michael grabbed Sheppard, shot him up with the retrovirus once more and transformed him back into half bug/man, then he could use blood samples from Sheppard and himself to create his hybrids a lot more quickly.

It just makes more sense than grabbing Teyla and using her kid for that purpose just because the baby has two parents with Wraith DNA within them. I'm sure that's happened before within the Athosians over the years.

And also it'd be great because it could also be a way for Michael to get revenge on Sheppard for what was done to him and the way he's stuck in between being human and wraith. He could possibly tweak the retrovirus to transform Sheppard and keep him lucid at the same time so that Sheppard knows exactly what is being done to him and why.

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