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Mom has just informed me that we'll probably be moving at the beginning of next month. She says that the house is built partially underground and that she has to check it out to make sure it doesn't flood but given what she's learned from other people that live in that area it's very likely that she'll take it. It's only three bedroom so I'll be losing my bedroom and my privacy.

She also told me that my bro will be getting the settlement from his car accident soon and that T said he's going to give me his van since he owes me for killing off my van a couple years ago. I laughed and asked how does he plan on getting it to me. Answer: we'll have to drive to Florida it pick it up. Which will give us a good reason to see the babies.

Oh! And apparently (big)A butchered my brother's hair up so badly "trimming" it that he had to shave his head. *cackle* I saw the picture and shouted: bright light! bright light! Finally that bugger knows how it feels to have a shaved head when you don't want one. (I have a lumpy head and refuse to ever shave it again, he just looks shell shocked)

I have learned not to watch Empire Strikes Back with Yoda on my lap. Every time they say 'Yoda' on the tv the dog starts looking around then the gives me that look like I'm playing a joke on him. *snerk*

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