Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Now that is cool

While I can't actually remember exact details of my dream (it involved trains and explosions), I do remember that I was asleep in it and just as I opened my eyes in the dream and sat straight up - a few seconds later I woke up the exact same way.

I know that I was still in a frame of mind that I could have easily have slipped back into the dream if I laid back down and closed my eyes but unfortunately I had *cough* more pretty matters to attend to. *blush*

I'd actually been up earlier and got a cup of coffee and went back to bed after drinking half of it. Mom can't see how I can sleep after drinking coffee. Me either because I actually can't function well unless I get at least a cup or two in me but that first cup does cut through the sleepy fog enough to not run into walls. I'm sure there's a few people on my flist that can attest that I'm a freaking zombie when I first wake up. I've actually been known to get that first cup of coffee without even opening my eyes. lol

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Tags: dream, personal

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