Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

proping open eyes

Spent yesterday in a sleepy haze, but was able to get some writing done trying to put the last touches on ficathon story. Going to send it out one last time for a look see.

I had worked the night before, so when I got home, I tried to just take a nap before the Scaper meet up. Overslept and missed it. :(

Question about tomorrow. Do we just post the stories on our LJs? As you can tell, this is my first ficathon.

Next weekend my friend PhiPhi is coming to stay for a couple days. Yay! It's been too long since I've got to see her in person. But before we go pick her up, I'm taking nieces and nephew to see Troy and Van Helsing at the drive-in. Both movies are showing on the same side.

I fucking missed my niece M's graduation on Friday because ex sis-in-law didn't tell me about it. She's going into Jr. High next year, but I still wanted to go to her grad for Elem. school. This is the first time I've missed a landmark occasion for her. M was telling me about it this morning, and it actually freaking made me cry about it. (very easy to do in the mornings before coffee)



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