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i'm melting....i'm melting

Still don't have a power adapter for my laptop and I still can't get online the way I want (need). I've got mom's desktop computer cleaned up enough to work (not great since it's blown a RAM chip and only has 256 MB of RAM and mom and the kids have got a bunch of crap on this that it doesn't need) and get it back online but I can only get online for a few minutes at a time. Not because of tech reasons but because its too hot in the living room and I'm sure I'm going to kill one of my family or they're going to kill me. lol

At least I can get online to check my email and employment search sites and keep putting out my resume. But I want my laptop back! (I really need to read some fic in order to stay sane and I can't get to any of my books since they're packed up and inaccessible.)

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