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Been without for the last couple days (and going bloody insane in the process), and I have about fifty emails to catch up on in one of my emails alone. It actually came on for a few minutes yesterday and I couldn't get into my email because the connection was almost as bad as dial up. Mom figures its the storms we've had the last few days, some were whoppers.

I had one email that was a response to my resume and they wanted me to call them before the end of the day (Friday) to set up an interview but then I didn't actually get to read it until this morning. Why the hell didn't they CALL ME to set up the interview. My number is at the top of the resume and on my cover letter!

On another note, I know I'm not the swiftest crayon in the box but why is the time on Dreamwidth now on a 24 clock and when did this happen? I know, I really shouldn't just skim the news posts in case there are new do-dads, but some times my eyes glaze over and I just...skim.


There won't be any further updates on my new Scaper. His family moved from across the street and I don't know when I'll be able to finish season 4 with him. We got as far as Natural Election and after Promises was he ever ticked off at John for killing Harvey. Like me, he understood why John did it but he'd grown to like Harvey a great deal. Oh! When Scorpius came out at the beginning of Promises, New Scaper was like 'Dude! No Way! How the frell could Aeryn do that to John!' I reminded him that Sebaceans fear heat delirium and the living death. Plus, on top of being sick I think she's holding to a 'warrior code' with Scorpius and honestly (within her fevered mind) believes that he will honor it. Which is why she makes John promise the same (even though she's adding something extra to the promise by using John's emotional tie to her to achieve it).

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