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*subject line went to canada for the summer*

I ended up not finishing the temp job. In fact, my last day was on Wednesday because they let me go after getting too sick from the heat.

They'd surprised us when we came in on Wed. saying that we were going to have to work 10 hours that day and afterward they were going to 12 hours the rest of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.

It didn't matter how much water or Gatorade (which tasted like old socks) I drank I just kept feeling worse and worse. By the end of the 10 hours my tongue was a little swollen, had a rash on my chest, nauseous, pretty sure I was going to pass out and the migraine I had was going to fucking kill me. The supervisor kept asking me if me and another temp were okay, but I need the money so I said I was okay and kept on. The one girl ended up being sent home after she nearly passed out (her husband took her to the ER from what I heard). But at the end of the shift the supervisor said she didn't think I'd be able to safely work in the heat the coming days and decided to let me go. Honestly, I'm relieved. I thought I could do it but apparently not.

I hate the fucking look of disappointment my mom gave me when I told her. Yes, mom, I know I'm a fucking loser. No need to remind me with that look on your face.

It's taken me the last couple days to get over the migraine, the rash has faded a bit, and my tongue now has this huge split in it that is sore as fuck and I can't talk or eat things very well.

I hope it heals up quickly because it's pretty miserable.

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