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And I have Scaped someone new.

One of the kid's friends lives across the street. Zach, who is 17, is the only one of their friends that I actually get along with. Mom thinks its a trip that we gab about sci-fi flicks, do bad accents and geek out on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. Well, after I showed him a couple SG-1 and SGA vids, I showed him a couple of mine and he wanted to check out Farscape since he liked the way Ben Browder plays Mitchell.

We got half-way through Premiere and he said 'oh god, you're going to so get me hooked on this show.' He then confirmed after seeing I, ET that I better have the next two episodes ready to watch tomorrow cuz he's definitely hooked.

And mom totally groaned after hearing the theme music start up and said 'here we go again'.

*cue evol laughter*

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