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Mom came home from her sister's place a little bit ago with something furry on her arm (and no she didn't need to shave *snicker*). It was a little Scottish Terrier (at least that's what he looks like) that had been abandoned when some couple had moved out of their home after they divorced (WTF!?). My aunt told mom that its full grown but I think he has to be at least a year or just under a year old with the way he behaves. I'm actually surprised he's not more frightened of the new location but he seems to be taking to it quite well.

D named him Whiskers (I told mom that's more of a 'cat' name) after mom said he could keep him after Whiskers took to the boy. Minnie keeps growling at him but Yoda has been friendly and curious and bopping all around Whiskers playing with him. Usually its the other way around but then this has been Minnie's house for a lot longer than its been Yoda's.

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