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*crosses fingers and toes*

Just had the weirdest 'interview' ever. Mom hollars for me from the frontroom and says: 'Got a secretary job for you.' There's a guy standing there. He's a friend of my mom's and he's looking for a secretary for his business. After we talk a bit he asks me to come to his business tomorrow morning and fill out an application, and I ask him if he'd be willing to take my resume with him for now. He got this huge grin and said 'you actually have a resume?' So I give him a copy and I told him I'd come in tomorrow so we can talk some more.

From what he said it appears that I have a very good chance at being hired. So I've got my fingers and toes crossed (would cross my eyes too but then I wouldn't be able to type this up. ;)) that I'll actually have a job.

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