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19 May 2010 @ 08:18 pm
It's really weird running into a total stranger that you're related to.  
I'd gone to the grocery store for mom after she'd forgotten sugar and this lady comes up while I'm at the register. She asks if I recognize her. I had spotted her out in the parking lot when I'd pulled in and thought she looked familiar but paid it no mind and went in. So I took a wild guess on which aunt she could be: Aunt Donna? She grinned and said yeah. I told her 'give me a hug then, woman.' and we chatted for a few minutes. Turns out she'd only recognized me because of my mom's van and figured who I was.

I hadn't seen her since I was 15, and I'd barely talked to her at the time since I was mostly hanging out with my grandma. I remember when I was little she'd scared the hell out of me because I thought she was mean. lol

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ninja007ninja007 on May 19th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
I kinda hate that when that happens. That happened to me about 8 mos after my father died. This woman came up to me and said I had to be "Ernie's girl" and I said yes. She then asked how my dad was and I said he died. She had a fit right there. I was 17 yrs old and my boss made me take a break as the color had drained from my face. My boss was my uncle and he took care of everything. The lady fainted and everything...