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Someone please take this story idea

I'd like to find a really nice long darkfic where Atlantis takes over Sheppard completely from the very beginning of the expedition. The idea is that every Ancient could share in interfacing with Atlantis but they always had one person be her 'voice' in case of crisis and they actually rotated with this duty daily but since Sheppard is the only person with the gene strong enough to do it she doesn't let him go.

But the only way that this would work is if as soon as Sheppard arrived through the gate and she started powering up systems, one of them would be the drive to raise them to the surface and so there was no serious drain on the remaining ZPM. And since there was no need to find an immediate evacuation site, the Wraith weren't immediately woken up and Sumner wasn't killed. They're able to test out the chair and Sheppard is immediately 'installed' as the voice of Atlantis and able tell them what systems they can and cannot use immediately in order to spare the remaining power on the ZPM. Weir tries to have McKay disconnect Sheppard from Atlantis but Sumner overrides her because Sheppard is military and with him in the chair it aids in the safety and security of the expedition. There is also the fact he doesn't like Sheppard because of his record, and also that he'd already planned on keeping Sheppard stuck with a duty that only meant he stayed in the city and dealt with the ancient technology. Sheppard being tied to Atlantis' computers fits his ideas perfectly. And Sheppard doesn't have to remain in the chair, but he's sort of stuck with others leading him because he can't care for himself and work out problems that need fixing within the city at the same time. McKay pretty much has him bottled up in his lab most of the day dealing with problems and then sends for someone to take Sheppard to his room for downtime. It's easier for them to fix problems if they're able to just ask the city (through Sheppard) what is going on instead of searching for solutions or inputting fixes themselves.

Of course, someone would somehow wake up the Wraith and all hell would break loose but it'd be cool to see how things would play out.

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