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Sometimes family surprises you

HH came home this morning with a day pass (turns out she gets another one for Mothers Day tomorrow as well) and immediately squealed when she saw me and jumped in my lap. She's given me several hugs and kisses while she's been here and told me how much she's missed me.

I'm genuinely shocked at this. In a way I shouldn't be because when I'd moved to New York she'd given me a long letter apologizing for all the fighting we'd done and how she'd treated me. It was nice... more than nice. And I love every hug and kiss because I've always wanted the same relationship with these kids as I do with my brother's.

I just hope the 'new' of me being back doesn't wear off with her because I've always hated our fights. I've just wanted these guys to grow up into adults my sister would be proud of.

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