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Mom does have internet (the wireless I used day before yesterday was mom's after all). I've been in the process of unloading the truck and trying to wiggle my things into a closet. I've still got this stupid chest cold and the fact I didn't take my antibiotics during my drive because it makes me tired and I can't be in the sunlight while on it set me back on getting rid of it. By 3pm yesterday I was feeling really crappy and mom tried to push robatussin on me *shudder* but I picked up something else at the store so I can actually sleep through the night without waking up every little bit coughing my head off (and also waking up mom in the process).

Today is S' 17th birthday and there is a small party planned with a larger one scheduled for Saturday when HH is home (HH is going to a juvie hall and has a day pass).

Things haven't really changed with D, he's being all pissy because I'm going to be sleeping in a room he doesn't even use.

I'm trying to get my Photoshop re-installed but it's wanting to be a bitch. I want my Photoshop and Vegas back dammit! I've been going through withdrawals not being able to play with pictures and vid.

And now that I'm properly caffinated, it's time to get back to unloading the truck.

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