Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Voice Post

271K 1:24
“Hello, this is Kez(?). I'm just checking in with everybody. I'm somewhere in Virginia. I had to actually stop sooner than I thought in order to get to sleep last night because it drove me crazy with my eyes and diving though rain and just being worn out from loading the truck. And hopefully I will be in Arkansas by at least 8:00 9:00 Arkansas time but Virginia is very fucking boring to drive through. I think I'm in the Shannon Dale(?) Valley which is kinda funny well funny for me anyway cos it's almost my name that valley the Shannon Dale(?). Anyway just checking in just did a quick rest stop so I said while Kieota(?) he's currently asleep and being more comfortable than I am because everything hurts right now. My back keeps trying to cuss me at several language and which is funny because I don't know any other languages. Ok, that was stupid. That's it. Just thought I'd check in. Bye.”

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