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I just had a scary story idea, and by scary I mean wicked.

Anyone remember the Clint Eastwood movie, Pale Rider? I was thinking it'd be cool to see an SGA story with Sheppard as the mysterious person showing up in town to help out.

(bonus points if it's actually Sheppard from the episode Vegas and McKay had talked him into going to Atlantis after the events in Vegas but he decides he still likes being on his own. Somehow...)

Pretty please someone write this story! Though to be honest, it'd help if the writer were actually familiar with how the mystery in the movie played, at least in tone because that'd be the most important thing (I think).

And I'd really like it if fic ideas would stop popping in my head as I'm trying to sleep!

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Tags: john sheppard, plot bunny, sga

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