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Gay pron in my head

Remember I mentioned having a weird dream last night that wouldn't leave me alone this morning after I woke?

Now while I can't remember much of it, I do remember being shocked that there was a lot of sex in it involving a couple that looked like Ben Browder and Cliff Curtis. There was something going on involving murders in the building where they lived together or in nearby buildings. I also remember there was a party thrown that ended up with a lot of dead people. The guy who looked like Ben ending up having to kill one of his own neighbors to defend himself. Somehow they end up having to run somewhere underground and there was either a pool or an underground river/lake and the guy that looked like Curtis came up out of the water carrying a damn chainsaw, in the process saving his boyfriend from some critter. I keep wanting to think werewolf but I have a stronger impression of zombie-like creature.

Why, oh why couldn't it have been vampires. LOL

And dangit I wish I could remember more than that because it was damn cool and I honestly didn't want to wake up.

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