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Now that I've officially seen all of SGA, I've concluded one thing: I have a kink for Sheppard with guns (which I've mentioned before natch...) and Sheppard/Atlantis. And anytime I see him flying a 302 I instantly think of him flying with Cam. Of course that could be because I've been reading fic for them for over a year now. Kind of funny since I hadn't seen The Return until after I began reading the crossover fic (which is where a lot of the stories are set or begin). :D

(and if I ever get my vidding software to freaking working again, I am so vidding Sheppard/Ronon and Cam/Sheppard)

Still gotta say that Sheppard/Todd is for the WIN and though McKay/Keller is cute I still find her annoying.

I've also read about 3/4 of all the old SGA Big Bang stories, there are some really damn good ones over there. Hell, I've found myself enjoying a few Sheppard/McKay fic even! Never thought I'd say that.

Okay, that's all I got for now.

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